Project Maintainer
Kevin Arvai
The goal of Imputer is to provide users with a more comprehensive picture of their genome. Direct-to-consumer genetics companies, like 23andMe, only genotype a small fraction of the genome. Researchers are finding new genetic locations, not covered by direct-to-consumer genetic tests, that are associated with traits and diseases at a rapid pace. Imputer leverages the 1000 Genomes Project reference data to provide users with genotype estimates at additional locations in their genome.
Data Access
Requests access to your genetic data in Open Humans (e.g. 23andMe)
More Information
About Imputer
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How to impute your Open Humans genotype data:

    Please read each of the steps below before proceeding as both the "Login" button and the button below will start the process.

    Log in or create an Open Humans account

    Authorize this app in Open Humans

    In the Dashboard select the connected genotype file you would like imputed.

    Wait...for an email from Imputer, this could take days or weeks. Access and manage data here:

Start with Open Humans authorization